This School Year will be the Best!

Quick Rundown:
Author: Kay Winters
Illustrator: Renee Andriani
Grades: K-3
Blurb: “It’s the first day of school-That means it’s time to make a wish about the coming year! If you could have just one, what would it be? How about a chocolate drinking fountain or first place in the science fair? Or maybe you want a perfect report card or a Skateboard Day? As a whole year’s worth of wishes are made, there can be no doubt-this school year will be the best!”

This School Year will be the Best! cover

About: It’s the first day of school and the teacher asks each of her students what they hope will happen in the new school year. Each student took turns sharing. Some were things that could happen: remembering their homework, looking good in their school picture, and making good friends. And then, some things are going to be just a tad bit hard to accomplish: a chocolate water fountain and Skateboard Day. No matter what happens during the school year, I know the teacher will make it the best!

This School Year will be the Best! excerpt

Discussion Questions:
-What do you think could happen during the school year?
-What do you think could be hard to happen during a school year?
-What could possibly happen? How could it possibly happen? (For example, the snow day could possibly happen if I lived in a place where it snowed, and I do!)

Activities to try with the book:
-Student Inventory: This is the perfect book to read on the first day of school. On the first day I meet with students, I like to have them complete a student inventory. This inventory asks them questions so that I can get to know them. Questions may include: Who is in your family? Favorites (class, movie, food, etc)? Where can I help you? Do you have any concerns about this year?
I Wish My Teacher Knew: Another first-day activity is to have the students write on a notecard to the prompt: I wish my teacher knew… You will be amazed what students want you to know that they just don’t want to share with their peers.
Writing Prompt: What do you wish will happen this school year?

Other books by Kay Winters:
-The Teeny Tiny Ghost and the Monster
-Tiger Trail
-Did You Hear What I Heard? Poems About School


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