We’re Different, We’re the Same

Quick Rundown:
Author: Bobbi Jane Kates
Illustrator: Joe Mathieu
Grades: PK-2
Blurb: “…And we’re all wonderful!”

We’re Different, We’re the Same cover

About: The characters of Sesame Street help teach that we may all have the same features but it’s the differences of these features that make us unique. For example, our noses are different but they are the same because they all breathe, sniff, sneeze, and whiff. They also include our feelings. We all feel the same emotions but they aren’t always going to be the same. These differences are what make each of us unique and what makes the world fun.

We’re Different, We’re the Same excerpt

Discussion Questions:
-What makes us the same?
-What makes us different?
-Why would we want to be different from our friends?

Activities to try with the book:
-Draw: Have students draw a self-portrait. They can draw how they see themselves-as an artist, a baseball player, a friend. Then hang them up.
Puzzle Pieces: Print out puzzle pieces that can join together. Have students answer the question: What makes you unique? This could be a special talent, a preference (food, activity), an experience, something in their background, etc. Have them put their answer on a puzzle piece. Once everyone answers, join the puzzle pieces together to create a display that shows how how all the unique individuals coming together create one awesome classroom.
Writing Prompt: What makes you unique?

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