The Rabbit Listened

Quick Rundown:

Author: Cori Doerrfeld
Age Range: 3-5
Blurb: “Sometimes hugs say more than words.”

The Rabbit Listened cover

About: This book follows Taylor, who gets upset and different animals suggested all the ways he could handle the situation. He wasn’t interested until a rabbit came and just listened.
Favorite Quote from Book: “Through it all, the rabbit never left.”

The Rabbit Listened excerpt

Activities to try with the book:
Put Yourself in Taylor’s Shoes: What would you do? Can you think of things other people have said to you when you are overwhelmed? What animal do you think would say it?

Act it Out-Each animal has their own unique personality. Reread the story and act out each animal as they present themselves in the story.

Use with Zones of Regulation: I have used this book with the Zones of Regulation curriculum. My students enjoy hearing a story read aloud and it helps them become more engaged in the discussion afterward. More specifically for this book, we discussed why some of the suggestions of the animals aren’t the best way to handle our emotions and came up with alternatives. I also tell my students that if they need a “rabbit” I am there for them–sometimes all kids need is someone to just sit and listen without judgement.

Interested in The Rabbit Listened? Click the picture below to go to Amazon.


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